How to prevent family problems as we approach the most festive time of the year

Because of the pandemic, many people couldn’t celebrate with their families and friends, or not as well as they’ve wanted, so now we’re even more anxious to have a wonderful time with our dear ones.

But if past years are any indicator, too often these desired vacations and time spent with the family turn into bitter arguments, bad mood, negative energy and in general, disenchanted time.

Vacations give you, mother, more time to spend with your kids but it also has potential to cause stress because of obligations, expectations, and pressure on your budget, patience and past ghosts😊

Since I believe in prevention, I invite you to a practical webinar in which I’ll give you some tools to make these vacations better ones.

These aren’t magic tools: it will require intention, attention, work and good will to make it happen, but hundreds of families that already use the method of Mamacoach (the English version of Imameament method, created by Efrat Leket) report a more harmonious life, much less tantrums and much faster recovery into joyful and collaborative mood.

How this workshop will help

Would you like to improve the dynamics with your kids?
I will give you the tools to make these holidays flow smoothly:

  • Synchronise expectations

  • Manage time and money

  • Teach your kids some new skills

  • Help your kids become more independent

  • Lower the amount of tantrums (anger fits) and their duration

  • Introduce the 'Peace Corner'

  • Recording available for 10 days after the workshop


Facilitator of the workshop

Gestalt Therapist

Miry Kornhauser

*Gestalt therapist - A holistic approach that sees the person as “greater than the sum of its parts”, encourages self exploration through a constant process of self-awareness, aiming at helping clients to live authentically and live well, instead of merely surviving.

*Qualified Life Coach - The art of bringing a person from point A to point B. Working in the ‘Here & Now’, strengthening strengths, mapping resources.

*Imameamenet (Mamacoach in English), Coaching Method Qualified - Coaching for parents and supporting them to become coaches for their children. It has 3 pillars: Coaching, Montessori education, Positive psychology.

*Points of You®, Coaching cards - Practitioner and Trainer. These cards combine images and texts that help clients discover many new ways to look at themselves and at the world.

Be emotionally prepared for the Christmas season!

LIVE workshop on Monday 20th December at 20:30 CET

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    90 minute workshop with Gestalt Therapist and Family Coach

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