How this workshop will help

Although we’re still in winter, the beginning of the year is a great time for “soul farmers”: this is when we sow the seeds of what we want to become.

Farmers know that the delicious fruits we have on our tables didn’t just appear like magic: the magic has to envisioned, planned, and executed.

You’re going to choose one area of your life that you want to grow and develop: (relationship, work, friendship, career etc.) and create a full cycle of growth: ploughing the ground, sowing the seeds, and seeing the fruits.

In this workshop, we’ll be using the coaching cards of Points of You® to help you open yourself to see more possibilities, be more flexible and creative.

  • Choose the area of life to focus on

  • What are the steps to take tomorrow?

  • What are the steps for the near future?

  • Visualise how you will feel when you have what you have worked for

  • Simple action plan to get you started

  • Recording available after the workshop

Workshop facilitator

Gestalt Therapist

Miry Kornhauser

*Gestalt therapist - A holistic approach that sees the person as “greater than the sum of its parts”, encourages self exploration through a constant process of self-awareness, aiming at helping clients to live authentically and live well, instead of merely surviving.

*Qualified Life Coach - The art of bringing a person from point A to point B. Working in the ‘Here & Now’, strengthening strengths, mapping resources.

*Imameamenet (Mamacoach in English), Coaching Method Qualified - Coaching for parents and supporting them to become coaches for their children. It has 3 pillars: Coaching, Montessori education, Positive psychology.

*Points of You®, Coaching cards - Practitioner and Trainer. These cards combine images and texts that help clients discover many new ways to look at themselves and at the world.

Sow the seeds for growth for the year ahead

LIVE workshop on Monday 31st January at 20:00 CET

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Sow the seeds for growth in the year ahead for only €18

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    90 minute workshop with Gestalt Therapist and Family Coach

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